How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Master Of Ceremonies - 5 Questions To Ask To Ensure Success

August 27, 2018

It is well-known that an MC will make or break a marriage reception. Many guests have seen a Master of Ceremonies which wasn’t the same standard as the rest of the occasion.

Regrettably, this has occurred too often and may lead to fractured relationships, especially if the MC is a personal familiarity with the groom and bride.

For the couple hosting the reception, hiring an experienced and well-prepared professional gives them reassurance - and is just one less thing to worry about. The principle is (because you only get one chance to get it right): choose your MC carefully.

Request the next 5 questions to some potential MC’s; whether they’re professional or part timers. The answers you get back will show if you are in safe hands:

How many functions have you MC’d earlier?

Previous company experience as a public speaker or business MC is a good sign. However, a wedding is about joy and a business event is all about gain - so make sure the MC has a ready-to-please smile and a feeling of fun.

Otherwise, they will need to have MC’d at least 10 weddings to justify getting you paid.

What Sydney Celebrant that you can show us?

Most pros (i.e getting paid for a service) should have at least 10 to 20 letters of recommendation or testimonials from past clients.

What hotels or places have you worked at?

Most areas are extremely picky about who they let their staff work with. A list of those previous establishments will quickly let you know exactly what standard the MC is in.

What is your fee?

Professional MC’s constantly charge for their gift - not their moment. A deposit of one third using the rest to be paid one week before hand at the final interview is the accepted method of trade.

What training have you had?

For the wedding, you want the best there is. Anyone who is serious about the standard of service they offer, will have at any point, undertaken some type of training.

Your Master of Ceremonies should have invested in a number of the published books, eBooks, audios and movies in addition to public seminars that teach speakers in how to use their abilities as MCs.

If you want to get an idea what a professional MC resembles, go online and check movies on YouTube of skilled wedding emcees. And maybe ask your uncle or talented friend to make a fantastic speech or toast rather.